Periodic review 2023 (PR23)


This section includes information about the current 2023 periodic review (PR23) of Network Rail's outputs and funding for
control period 7 (2024 – 2029).

Periodic reviews are one of the principal mechanisms by which ORR holds Network Rail to account, and secures value for money for users and funders of the railway.

PR23 will determine what Network Rail must deliver in control period 7 (CP7) and the funding it requires to do this.

On 17 June 2021 we published an open letter to launch PR23 and set out the focus of PR23 – namely safety, performance, asset sustainability, and efficiency.

We published our periodic review 2023: draft determination on 15 June 2023 and the deadline for consultation responses was 31 August 2023.

PR23 timeline

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We have produced an infographic reflecting the PR23 timeline. The timeline is also available in table format below.

Phase 1 (2022)

  • Network Rail develops initial view of CP7 funding and outputs
  • ORR advises funders to inform HLOSs/SOFAs
  • DfT and Transport Scotland produce HLOSs & SOFAs

Phase 2 (2023)

  • ORR scrutiny of Network Rail’s detailed CP7 plans
  • ORR draft and final determination

Phase 3 (2024) 

  • Implementation
Period Milestones
April to June 2021 We published PR23 launch letter (17 June 2021)
We published Schedule 8 consultation (17 June 2021)
July to September 2021 We published access charges consultation (15 July 2021)
We published Schedule 4 consultation (30 September 2021)
January to March 2022 Network Rail provided initial submission
We published guidance on how NR’s funding and outputs are determined
April to June 2022 We published charges and incentives consultations
We provided advice to funders
We published review initiation notices
We provided first set of supplementary advice to DfT
July to September 2022 We published policy framework consultation
We published technical consultation on success measures
We published our guidance to Network Rail on the preparation of its Strategic Business Plan 
We provided second set of supplementary advice to DfT
We provided first set of supplementary advice to Scottish Ministers
We provided second set of supplementary advice to Scottish Ministers
October to December 2022 We concluded on charges and incentives frameworks for PR23
Secretary of State provided HLOS and SoFA
We published financial framework consultation
We published policy framework decisions
We published extension to review initiation notice for Scotland
We published our ‘Conclusion of Phase 1’ update letter 
January to March 2023 Scottish Ministers provided their HLOS and SoFA 
Network Rail provided its Strategic Business Plan (SBP) for England and Wales and interim SBP for Scotland
April to June 2023 We published holding Network Rail to account policy consultation
Network Rail published its Strategic Business Plan (SBP)
We published our draft determination for England & Wales and Scotland
July to September 2023 We consult on changes to access contracts
We update on open access airport services
October to December 2023 We publish our final determination for England & Wales and Scotland
We issue Delivery Plan Notice
We issue Review Notices
January to March 2024 We conclude on changes to access contracts
We serve Notices of Agreement to all affected parties
We serve Review Implementation Notices
Network Rail publishes CP7 delivery plan
April to June 2024 Start of CP7

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