Investing in the rail network: What other bodies might I need to engage with?


Those wishing to invest in the national rail network or rail assets connected to it should approach various other bodies to discuss their proposals.

Network Rail: Those wishing to invest in the national rail network or rail assets connected to it should approach Network Rail to discuss their proposals and to begin to explore feasibility and business case development. This could include discussions on the procedures for getting train services put into the timetable and approving agreements for access to track, stations and depots. In the first instance you should contact the relevant Network Rail Route Business Development Director. Their details are as follows:

Southeast – John Gill:

Anglia – Kate Warner:

Wessex – Paul Richmond:

Western – Francis McGarry:

LNW – David Golding:

LNE&EM – Paul McKeown:

Wales – Alison Thompson:

Scotland – Alastair Camelford:

Freight – Guy Bates:

National or local governments: ORR is not a source of funds for rail investment projects and does not make funding or financing decisions. If you are seeking public funding or financing decisions for projects, you will need to discuss this with the relevant public sector bodies, either national or local government. This can include regional transport planning bodies, which may include passenger transport executives, sub-national transport bodies and/or combined authorities with transport functions. Such bodies may have wider regional transport or development plans that provide views on regional transport need across modes.

Department for Transport
As well as being the shareholder, and largest funder of Network Rail, the Department for Transport has a number of roles relevant to securing the permissions necessary for new investment in the rail network. The DfT has recently published new guidance for market-led proposals and a call for ideas which can be found on its website. Please contact DfT using

Transport Scotland
The Scottish transport agency and funder for Network Rail in Scotland. If you are proposing work in Scotland you should approach it early in the process to discuss your requirements.